Friday, April 5, 2013

And so it begins!

Well actually it already began. Last summer I first heard about the Young Adult Service Corps while talking to my friend and current YASC volunteer Jared Grant. Skip a few steps to February, and I found myself at a deeply spiritual discernment weekend for the program at Camp Weed in Florida. That retreat was a chance for us to meet the YASC staff, former volunteers and the other potential volunteers for next year. The weekend was an intense period of reflection that helped me determine that YASC and a mission year are right for me. Then there's been the past few weeks, when I've been occupied organizing my fundraising, communication and support for this experience.

But in some sense, I feel like YASC starts with this blog. Communication is going to be key for me as I enter a mission year with the Episcopal Church, and this blog will be a core part of that communication. It will serve as a tool for me to record my experiences and work, to keep in touch with people back at home, and to gather support from my family and friends.

I hope it will also serve as a tool for you as you follow me in this journey and participate in the ministry. You'll find information about me and my motivation to serve here, under the "About me" tab. You'll find details on how you can participate in this ministry here, under the "How to Help" tab.

You'll find a passage of scripture from 1 Corinthians in a separate tab on the main page as well. This is a passage of scripture that I really appreciate. In it, Paul provides an explanation of how our individual spiritual gifts fit into our often chaotic world and how we are all united under God. It's also the inspiration for the title of my blog.

You'll find the meat of the blog here on the main feed. I'll be posting about my preparations for leaving, my work and my travels while abroad, and anything else I find interesting or relevant to my service. If that sounds fun to you, I hope you will follow what I post and discuss what you read with others and me.

An unpredictable journey lies ahead, but your support will help me remember I am not alone walking this path.

I look forward to making more posts in the future, and I look forward to hearing from you. Hopefully the next time you'll hear from me here will be with details about my placement.

Together we are many parts but one body.