Sunday, July 27, 2014

Market Place Kombit #2

The kombit is a Haitian tradition where communities will gather to work on an individual's farm for a day in exchange for a meal, drink and fellowship. In the future, those benefiting from a kombit are expected to participate in the next one hosted by another farmer.

The tradition applies to various communal efforts in Haitian society, like the one that happened in Cange yesterday to prepare land for a new market place. It was the second kombit of this effort so far, and it was much more successful than the first. More people, more accomplishment, and an excellent meal cooked by market committee members with food provided by other residents of Cange.

An awesome day of collaboration, culture, progress and friendship. I'm really proud of this community, and I think the best is yet to come.

Ayiti ap vanse.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Volunteer Opportunity!

I have been working with Ms. Jackie Williams, a North Carolinian and fellow Episcopalian who lives in Cange, on her Sant Art artisan center. We are looking to renew the organization through a more business minded structure and commission based payment system for the artisans. We hope that this will give the artisans more opportunity while preserving their fair wages.

However, we need to develop a stronger team in the U.S. to market and sell products made by the artisans in Cange. The products they make are primarily for foreign markets, including visitors to Cange and places in the U.S. We are focusing on crochet bracelets, gourd bowls, traditional Haitian metal art, hand-made rugs, greeting cards, and turned wood pieces. The Sant Art website is here:

We are looking for new members of our selling team, especially in the Carolinas. This is a great opportunity to do hands-on volunteer work to support employment in Haiti while still at your home in the U.S.

The job description is as follows:

  • Find stores that will continuously carry Sant Art products
  • Find events that will host Sant Art
    • House parties
    • Churches
    • Universities
    • Bazaars
    • Fairs/festivals
    • Businesses
  • Work with person in charge of distribution center to get products
  • Keep an inventory of items to determine what designs and products are most popular with consumers and report these to coordinator.
We recognize that this is a volunteer position. With that being said, it is a position with a lot of responsibility. In this committee are a coordinator, responsible for keeping track of events and places products are being sold, and a distribution center director, responsible for make sure products reach the hands of our sellers in a timely manner. We will also have an individual responsible for online sales, though this position has not yet been filled.

If you are interested in participating, please let me know! My email is