Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Parents' Visit to Cange, Haiti


On January 18th we returned from a visit with Alan in Cange, Haiti.  It was a busy week filled with experiences and friendships we will never forget.  It is difficult to put into words the impression this visit made on us but we would like to share a few of these experiences with our family and friends.

First of all, we want to you to know that Alan is doing well.  He’s happy and enjoying the work he is doing in the Cange community as well as the surrounding rural areas.  His Haitian Creole has improved to the point that he spends a lot of time translating for visitors (his parents included).  We are very proud of the relationships and trust he has developed with the people.  A testament to this was the number of invitations we received to visit locals’ homes whether to share coconut milk, a meal, or to receive gifts that were presented to us in gratitude for his work there.