Saturday, August 29, 2015

Three Lessons I've Learned

Ou met jwenn atik sa an Kreyol pi ba la.
While making the decision to move to Cap Haitien, I considered two things. First, I considered that the move from Cange to Cap Haitien might be as different as was the move from Clemson, South Carolina to Cange. Second, moving to Cap would mean a chance to experience Haiti from a completely different vantage point, helping me understand the Haitian context more deeply.
Photos are textures from around the house in Cap Haitien
To the first point, two months after moving to Cap Haitien, I can already say that yes, the move here has been just as different as was the move to Cange. I’m now living independently, I’m more mobile, and I’m living in a city where every single person doesn’t know me. All of this makes for a pretty unfamiliar environment and figuring out entirely new ways of doing things.

To the second point, after two months in Cap, I’m already learning many new things. All of this new learning has made me reflect on what I learned the previous two years in Cange. So, since I’m feeling a bit of a personal reflection post, I want to share the three most significant lessons I’ve learned since moving to Haiti.

Friday, August 21, 2015

CASB Master Plan

In my new position, I'm working as a project manager for the stabilization and revitalization of the St. Barnabas Agriculture Center (CASB), which primarily features an agricultural technical school with a 2-year academic program. It is one of the higher education institutions in the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, but has recently suffered from various difficulties, prompting a push to reinvest in the center.

My work is just a part of what will take many more years to realize. I want to share a bit here from the CASB Capital Development Plan put together by Haitian Architect Herve Sabin and the Studio Drum Collaborative to provide more context and motivation behind this project.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Home in Okap

I want to share a brief post and some pictures of my new home in Cap Haitien. The church is renting this house for the next year for missionary personnel to use (thanks David Copley!). Next month, I'll be joined by Eliza Brinkley, soon to be another full time missionary here. Of course Dan Tootle and Kyle Evans will be making their usual rounds from time to time every few months or so. 

My favorite parts about the house are the outdoor spaces (two balconies and the courtyard), the location (close to the market, close to the boulevard, close to the movie theater, close to restaurants, close to church...), and the fact that it is not near a loud bar that plays music late into the night. 

We'll have extra beds (when Dan and Kyle aren't here) so come over and visit!