Monday, September 16, 2013

Photo Update

My last few weeks have been particularly random, but I've seen and done some neat things. Here are just a few pictures that capture what I've done, where I've been, and some of the amazing people I spend time with.
Exploring a (small) limestone cave with Ambioli and Roro
A potential site for a new Cange market. This site would be for a once a week large market, modeled after similar weekly markets in nearby towns. It's about the size of a soccer field and easily accessible from Route 3.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Dirty Side of Biodigesters

The Clemson engineers have built a new biodigester latrine here in Cange that will provide more sanitary restroom conditions, take care of waste management, and produce useful gas and waste water for agriculture. I've shown you a few pictures of it already, but it has so far been inactive. Yesterday, I joined Sam on an trip to collect 30 gallons of cow manure to seed the biodigester bag preparing it for use by people. Hopefully by next week it will be operational.

When we traveled to the town of Casse to pick up the sack of kaka bef, rain was just arriving. We delicately tossed the large sack into the back of the pickup truck and took off to Cange. On our way through the Casse market, about 10 people jumped in the back of a truck for a faster trip up the road. I suspect they were unaware of the other cargo we were hauling.
Fortunately, upon returning to Cange, the rain finally moved on and we were able to carry the manure down to the biodigester. Here are a few pictures of the professional process of scooping poo into a bag.