Monday, September 16, 2013

Photo Update

My last few weeks have been particularly random, but I've seen and done some neat things. Here are just a few pictures that capture what I've done, where I've been, and some of the amazing people I spend time with.
Exploring a (small) limestone cave with Ambioli and Roro
A potential site for a new Cange market. This site would be for a once a week large market, modeled after similar weekly markets in nearby towns. It's about the size of a soccer field and easily accessible from Route 3.

Renes, a leader here at Bon Sauveur parish, started a school in Mirebalais for families that cannot afford to send their children to more expensive schools. The current building is temporary. It has six classrooms, counting the three you see outside in the upper picture. He is working on buying land nearby to build a new building.

Listening to the Clemson-UGA game on internet radio. Go Tigers!
My best attempt--so far--at taking a picture of lightening.

A couple of pictures of the current Cange market, located on Route 3, literally. It's dangerous to cars, motos, vendors and patrons.

I spent a day in Chapateau, a zone located across the lake from Cange, where the engineers are reconnecting a water system installed by another organization that has been broken for four years. Phase 1 is almost complete--you can see water flowing out of the taps at the fountain located at the school. 


  1. The lake looks beautiful. Miss you!

  2. Great post and great photos. Nice to have a clear picture of Ambioli and Roro. Tell them bonswa from us and hope we can skype with them soon. Projects may seem random but much needed. Especially the relocation of the market and restoration of water for Chapateau. The lake is beautiful and reminds us of Keowee with blue water and mountains in the background. Karen at Dr. J's office gave me another contact for you. The Revis family from Hendersonville have lived in Haiti for 25 years installing wells, working in agriculture and teaching classes for the deaf . Steve Revis has a masters in agriculture from Clemson. You can find article on She is giving them your blog address so you may hear from them . We always enjoy your post. Keep up the good work. You are in our prayers.
    Love, Mom and Dad
    Hope you can get the NC State game on the radio Thurs. night . It starts at 7:30. Go Tigers!