Friday, October 4, 2013

Centre de Formation Fritz Lafontant

Centre de Formation Fritz Lafontant (CFFL) is a vocational school in Corporant, about a 20 minute drive down Route 3 from Cange. They train students in agriculture, wood working, and construction through various hands-on projects. It's a beautiful facility with expansive fields of various crops, many of which are experiments to determine better varieties of plants to produce in Haiti.

I got to visit the school for the first time recently, and now I'll be teaching English there two hours a week! My first day is next Tuesday, and I'll be teaching the woodworking students. It should be a fun, regular task to add to my otherwise chaotic and random schedule.

Not only are the students learning trades they can use to get jobs, they are engaged in the community in Corporant and all over the Central Plateau through construction and agricultural products.

For example, together with Zanmi Agrikol (Partners in Agriculture) they are involved in a Family Assistance Program that helps small farmers improve their productivity and standard of living.
Female papaya plant
Male papaya plant
Gillaine Warne, Director of Zanmi Agrikol--pretty sure she knows everyone in Haiti.
Maxo and Bosquet, two of the agronomists at ZA
Solar powered water system
The famous Artibonite 


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this!

  2. It wasn't painted when we went!!! It looks soooo good!!!