Thursday, October 24, 2013

Countryside Hike and Bassin Zim

October has been a busy month for visitors to Cange, which means many opportunities to visit other places nearby just for fun (maybe with a little work thrown in). This past weekend was a great break for me, providing a sort of spiritual cleansing that was much needed for my focus. On Saturday, I hiked into the countryside with Jane Chalker and a group from the University of Miami and swam Bassin Zim on Sunday with a group from The University of the South.
The hike to several rural villages took trails that reach the valley lying beyond the mountains seen off the balcony of the building where I live.  

Along the way, Jenn hopped on one of the donkeys carrying school supplies out to the school the students from UM were visiting. Malachi helped guide her down the steep parts.
There is a garden dedicated to Jane Chalker, who, as you can read, was the first white person to visit the village.
Church on Sunday involved getting a group picture with Paul Farmer.
Sunday Fried Chicken
We stopped for ice cream(!) in Hinche with Colby and the Sewanee girls, Sega, Linnea and Charlotte. Chocolate and rum raisin. 
We went for a swim at Bassin Zim, which is located about 30 minutes from Hinche. There's also a cool cave to explore up the mountain past the waterfall.

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