Monday, April 28, 2014

Les Cayes--Yet Another Haiti

This past weekend, I traveled with Pere Milor (priest in charge in Cange) to his home town of Torbeck near Les Cayes on the southwestern coast of Haiti. He graciously invited me to go along with him to visit his family, the town where he grew up, and the beautiful southern countryside and coast. We then finished the trip at the parish party of the Episcopal Church in Les Cayes.

The Les Cayes area proves to be yet another unique region of Haiti that speaks so much to the diversity in this country. My trip was full of local cuisine, Prestige, great conversation with new friends, and a wonderful selection of beautiful beaches.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Journey Continues--YASC Year #2!

Early May will mark nine months since I moved to Cange to work for the Episcopal Church in the Young Adult Service Corps. In that amount of time, I’ve taken on the titles of English teacher, missionary, economist, tour guide, surveyor, waiter, motivational speaker, translator, and more. Work as a missionary for the Episcopal Church requires so much flexibility and availability to do what you are called to do at any given time. The past nine months in Cange have never been dull, and I have been challenged to think about life, death, society and God in radically different ways.

Living long term in Haiti has brought me a radically different understanding of this country, its history (and indeed the history of the U.S.), and the people that live here. Before I came, I knew that it was the poorest country in the western hemisphere and people practiced Vodou. I’m discovering a place of surprising diversity, rich culture, determined and resilient people, scrumptious cuisine and stunning landscapes. Before I came I spoke only English. I now confidently speak Haitian Kreyol—a language that is an absolute joy to learn and speak.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Lenten Meditations Part 2

Here's my second YASC Lenten reflection for 2014. Keep following that blog through the rest of Lent 2014--we're almost to Easter!

Speaking of Easter, the musicians and choirs of Cange are gearing up for a wonderful celebration!