Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Journey Continues--YASC Year #2!

Early May will mark nine months since I moved to Cange to work for the Episcopal Church in the Young Adult Service Corps. In that amount of time, I’ve taken on the titles of English teacher, missionary, economist, tour guide, surveyor, waiter, motivational speaker, translator, and more. Work as a missionary for the Episcopal Church requires so much flexibility and availability to do what you are called to do at any given time. The past nine months in Cange have never been dull, and I have been challenged to think about life, death, society and God in radically different ways.

Living long term in Haiti has brought me a radically different understanding of this country, its history (and indeed the history of the U.S.), and the people that live here. Before I came, I knew that it was the poorest country in the western hemisphere and people practiced Vodou. I’m discovering a place of surprising diversity, rich culture, determined and resilient people, scrumptious cuisine and stunning landscapes. Before I came I spoke only English. I now confidently speak Haitian Kreyol—a language that is an absolute joy to learn and speak.

This placement working in Cange with Bon Sauveur parish and the ministry of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina has taught me so much about partnership, commitment, and the good, bad, and ugly of international aid. Fortunately, so much of the bad is simply a communication problem. And, fortunately, the Diocese of Upper South Carolina, along with other Cange partners like Church of the Incarnation in Highlands, NC, and St. Timothy’s in Herndon, VA, are pushing themselves even farther to make their ministries in the Central Plateau effective and efficient.

That is one big reason why I am excited to announce that I will be doing a second year with YASC, maintaining my position here in Cange! My second year will be a bit different, however, because I’ll be splitting my time between Cange and South Carolina. My objectives in South Carolina will be to help organize partnerships and churches to make them more efficient in this ministry to Cange. I will also engage in discussions with vestries, Sunday school groups, and congregations to improve our understanding of both the realities in Cange and the realities of organizing support in the U.S.

Making kremas--it's like Haitian egg nog
I’m grateful for the opportunity to extend my mission here, to continue work on the economic development projects underway in the Cange area and to advance the relationship between EDUSC, other new partners and Cange.

The second year comes with the requirement of fundraising $10,000 once again for support with the YASC program. This covers roughly half of the cost of the year, while YASC program provides the rest. This provides one round-trip flight, insurance, and a monthly stipend for food. I received such great support for my first year, and I know that money is tight. Any contribution you can make is greatly appreciated. Prayers and simple communication are also always appreciated .

If you would like to provide financial support for my second year, please contact me by email at pa.yarbs@gmail.com. If you simply want to be in touch, I’m available at the same email address. You can also contact my parents, Mark and Robin Yarborough, by phone 828-251-5925.
My fundraising will once again be organized through my home parish, Trinity Episcopal Church in Asheville, NC. info@trinityasheville.org or 828-253-9361

You can also check out the How To Help. tab at the top of my blog or by clicking here: http://manypartsonebody.blogspot.com/p/how-to-help.html

My first year isn’t even over yet—I have another three months to go. But it’s exciting looking forward to what is to come in year two. I look forward to staying in touch with you through email, by phone and here on my blog.

Bondye beni ou.


  1. Bravo, Alan! I've loved keeping tabs with what you are up to, and this sounds great!

    1. Thank you Ms. Heskamp! I hope you are doing well. I'll be back in the States on August 15th--hopefully we can catch up.