Monday, May 19, 2014

A Visual Treat (rethinkHAITI)

Since bandwith is somewhat limited here (Internet is VERY expensive in Haiti), I haven't been able to share videos of where I am living and working. But, I have come across four great short pieces on Haiti that make my heart sing. Seriously. When I watch these videos, I can't help but smile. You're in for a treat with all four of these.

First is a video put together by The Episcopal Church featuring the work of my fellow Haitian missionaries Kyle Evans, Dan Tootle, Julie Burd and Ashley Bingaman. This was done during a meeting in Port-au-Prince last Novemeber. Kyle and Dan do the talking, while Julie and Ashley can be seen at work in the footage. CLICK HERE FOR AWESOME EPISCOPAL HAITI MISSION VIDEO

Second is a piece done by Bridges to Prosperity, an organization that, among many things, builds bridges around Haiti to areas that are otherwise inaccessable during the rainy season due to river levels. This aerial video features places very close to where I live in the Central Plateau. Drone technology can be used for good...

(My apologies that this is just a Facebook link. The creators have only released it publically through Facebook.)

Third is Haiti Happy! Yes, another video made featuring Pharrell's song "Happy." I've heard people may be tired of this song in the States, but I don't hear it very much down here. So, even if you're tired of the song, watch this video for some AWESOME shots of Haiti and great footage capturing the many Haitian personalities that you'll run into when visiting this amazing country.
Finally, here's a neat clip teaching you seven Haitian hand gestures. Non-verbal communication is important anywhere--some places are more colorful with it than others.

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