Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back to Cange

After about 6 weeks in the U.S., I'm back and safe in Cange, Haiti, once again. I had a wonderful time back in the U.S. visiting churches, universities and family and friends. I also had a wonderful time at the re-entry retreat for YASC that was held in New York City for a long weekend.
Seeing other fellow missionaries again was such a pleasure. A good number from my group were in attendance, sharing their stories and experiences from their missions around the world.

Now that I'm back in Cange, I'm putting more focus back on Sant Art, the marketplace and fish farming. I'm also continuing in my role to assist with communication between the U.S. Episcopal partners and the Episcopal parish here in Cange. I have a lot of tasks to accomplish, but most important and enjoyable to me is to be back in Haiti and speaking Creole once again.

I will check in again soon, as some important project developments are underway. In the mean time, read this little piece from the Episcopal News Service:

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  1. Hi Alan, I'm trying to contact you from St. Peter's in Greenville. I've heard about you from some parishioners who have visited Cange and articles you've published. Our 4th/5th grade Sunday School class is learning about the work of the church in the world, and is collecting "change for clean water" to funds water projects in Haiti through ERD. We would love to find a class in your school with whom we could exchange letters, email, pictures. Can you help? You can email me at gvljohnsons (at)