Friday, November 21, 2014

U.S. Tour Part 1

I am already back in the U.S. for the first of three non-consecutive months that I will spend visiting churches and organizations here. The primary goals of this traveling in the States is to first build up more support and interest in the ministry in Cange and second to help facilitate more collaboration between existing and new partners. 
Photograph at Church of the Incarnation of the new church in Tierra Muscady

Photograph of the old church in Tierra Muscady
I'm really enjoying touring around North and South Carolina (then Virginia next week) speaking to Rotary clubs, churches, youth groups, and classrooms. It's already been a busy month so far, and I have many more visits to go before heading back home to Haiti on December 9th.  
Inside the newer sanctuary at Church of the Incarnation
Display of artisan items from Cange

Display about the outreach of Church of the Incarnation in Haiti
Each meeting or event I attend is an overwhelmingly positive environment that energizes me to give my best to this work. I also find it incredibly inspiring to see at these churches images or displays about the work in Cange and the particular ministries or individuals that each parish supports. As examples, the pictures I'm using in this post are all from Church of the Incarnation in Highlands, NC. All over the church and sanctuary are items advertising their ministry and relationship with Cange and Tierra Muscady. 
Photographs of each student receiving a scholarship through the efforts of Church of the Incarnation

Part of the Stations of the Cross, completed by artisans at Sant Art in Cange
I'm incredibly grateful to all of my hosts who are arranging these meetings and housing for me when needed. From Newberry, to Columbia, to Highlands and to Herndon, VA, I've been welcomed to share my personal experience and my understanding of the realities on the ground, to hopefully represent and amplify the voices of our companions in Cange, and to help facilitate the learning and giving that happens among all parties. 

It is through this particular component of my job that I get an even deeper sense of the many parts in the body of Christ. With each visit, I am reminded of the unique role each of us has to play in walking with each other on the path towards justice, reconciliation and love.
A "Lafontant Cross" at Church of the Incarnation

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